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Kit Variant 500 Watt

I am very happy with the kit. Seit Juni 2020 3000 km ohne grosse Probleme gefahren. Kit mounted on MB . Stevens Stoke Alu. Ich brauchte eine Angwü hnungszeit von ca.1 Monat bis dahin fuhr ich nur Rennrad. Besonders erwähnen möchte ich die freundliche Unterstützung von Herrn Raboud.

Tip Top!

I have a good experience, all support and attention from Jerome for my conversion (Scott Aspect) and everything was really fine. The kit/motor is impressive, I use in slopes carrying my son in a trailer and works so well. If you are thinking to convert, don't waste your time/money go for the Kit, its really easy to install.

500 W kit

I mounted this kit on an old quality Cilo mountain bike that was over 20 years old and the results exceeded my expectations. Mounted in 2 hours, easy to use and high power-torque, way above my needs for amateur use with the gradients we have in Valais.
It gave a second life to my mountain bike that I didn't use so much anymore.
Thank you also for the advice and availability of the company. Excellent after sales service
Only advice: I will add an engine cut sensor to the gear change (available on the site), because the power developed in the climb has put a strain on my derailleur during the gear change

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